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eclipsedsky (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2006 at 4:41pm
Current mood: my ear hurts.
Music: Kissing the Shadows// Children of Bodom
Subject: (: fun night.

it was 10:30. im like half concious at that time. when all of sudden i hear the doorbell. i hate our doorbell. i hate any doorbell for that matter. or anything loud and annoying that disturbs the silence of when you're trying to sleep because you got a huge math test tomorrow you've been getting hives all up your wrists for. (:

so i hear my mom run from upstairs and then silence, i don't hear her opening the door. instead i hear the doorbell ring about 3645674567547 more times, then my mom saying "uh.. i don't think so."

so i run out of my room and my brother comes screaming out of his sleep ready to pee himself. then my mom's looking at me asking ME if she should call the police. i go "uuuuh. WTFYES." 'cause there was this guy with a big red jacket and in SHORTS. i dunno 'bout there but in montreal it's freezing at night. plus down my driveway there was a black guy yelling and cussing at the guy at our door step.

so my mom's calling the police, the guy in the red jacket keeps ringing the door bell, the other guy keeps screaming at him, tommy's making puddles everywhere hiding behind the couch and im on the stairs thinking how exciting this'll sound on my wj. :D naw, i was kinda scared too. hahahahhaahahokyou'dbetooshush.

then the guy in the red leaves. so i bravely walk to the door and look through the windows there. then the fucker appears outta nowhere making me scream and run away. XD but yeah, so the cops came 15 minutes later and where of no use. figures. when tommy went missing the police arrived at my house 45 minutes after my mom called. u_u heh.

so that was my fun fun funtastic night.
:D AND NOT TO BE SOUND LIKE A SHOWOFF OR ANYTHING BUT I SO TOTALLY OWNED MELINDA'S ASS IN THE ESSAY TEST. (: and she studied and wrote 49873486 practice ones too and i still beat her by 5%. 8D AHHAHAHAbitch.

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11-15-06 5:12pm

hoylwtf @_@; thats scary xDDDDDDD

and sum brother lmfao. how old is he again XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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11-15-06 7:06pm

i'd fuckin faint if the window thing happened to me
=[ glad nothing serious happened

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11-15-06 9:48pm

lmao. O___O
nothing like that happens in my neighborhood because it's full of old people. except for this indian dude who lives across the street and goes to my school. D:

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11-18-06 1:43am

:[ creepy people.

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