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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2006 at 1:49pm
Hey! Everyone here! I'm trying to get everyone together at my house since we pretty much almost never get together these days, but so far, thanks to a shortage of numbers and a severe lack of people PICKING UP THE BLOODY PHONE (!!!!! O_O) I have only managed to get ahold of Katie. Soooooo, if anyone would like to join me in doing whatever the hell we wind up doing (movie, games, food, skipping naked through the streets beneath the moonlight screaming showtunes, virgin sacrifice, mass orgy, sitting on a couch groaning about how much our respective college experiences suck, any combination of the above and maybe more...? (and damn I write massive statements in my paranthesis)), just give me a call at home.
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11-27-06 9:33am

I wish I lived near all of you fuckers.

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