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midnightdelight (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2006 at 7:58pm
Moving in slow like the smoke from your cigarette
Every step closer is a step we both will regret

Dear Joe Rhew,
Fine, I'll stop faking it. I'll stop lying. I'll stop pretending that it doesn't bother me. I'll stop laughing, I'll stop brushing it off. You know, it was always easier to tell you that it didn't matter. So it takes a little more strength to write these words to you, the ones I know you'll never read; never understand. Number 9. I'm number 9. Today, number 9 is lower then 0. The drips of sweat, the crumbs, the urine, that smell, and your sticky skin moving into mine. This makes me mean nothing. This makes it my fault.
"You liked it."
I didn't.
I didn't say no.
So now, number 1, you think you mean something? Never. Never will I let your sticky skin touch me again.
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