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cowsgomoo!!! (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2006 at 11:16pm
Alright, apparently I mean nothing to anyone except a select few. Those of you who either made it to my party, had a valid excuse, or otherwise tried to get in touch with me "Thank you". From the bottom of my heart I thank you. And, if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, than this has nothing to do with you, so thank you too.

I leave in 5 days for the Air Force, and I just want to say goodbye to all of you who care about me. For all of you who don't, good riddance. Adios, Goodbye, however you want to put it. I doubt I will see you all again, so, with that I leave.

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12-06-06 12:18am

i'll miss you.

please be safe...and have as much fun as possible. good luck, i'm proud of you.

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12-06-06 9:48am


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12-06-06 11:01am

HOOAH Defending the Nation. Good luck. Keep on keepin' on. Keep your head down. And don't flag your battle buddies.

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FUCK, 12-06-06 10:54pm

I didn't realize that last weekend was your party. I'm so sorry dude. :(

Good luck in the air force. Go kick some ass and all that other stuff that goes along with being in it.

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12-07-06 2:32pm

i don't have an excuse for not going..i just didn't..i'm sorry

i'd rather see you alone or with just becky or michelle anyway..

ummm.. call me and let me know when i can see you! or message me or something

i'll be very sad if you leave and i don't get to say goodbye

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Re:, 12-08-06 11:39pm

Sorry to say, but this is my goodbye to you. I had an open house to say goodbye to people. I can't make special trips to see everyone who didn't care enough to come say goodbye. So... good bye

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