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justadreamer (profile) wrote,
on 12-9-2006 at 3:45am
Subject: Things to do before I die =3
Random order; list in progress (and will likely be for long, long time).

+ Dye hair temporarily purple, pink, and green (at separate or same time[s]).
+ See Cirque du Soleil live.
+ Read Pride & Prejudice.
+ Work at an inn/hotel.
+ Stay overnight at a hotel with friends.
+ Complete high school.
+ Complete college.
+ Do that whole true love/marriage combo and get it right.
+ Own all of His & Her Circumstances DVDs.
+ Go on a picnic.
+ Buy a real (upright/grand) piano.
+ Find a username I can live with.
+ Have a true "Girls Night" with four or more girls.
+ Get a degree in Photography.
+ Learn to sew.
+ Learn to knit.
+ Kiss in the rain.
+ Attend a bachelorette party.
+ Master chopsticks.
+ Master at least one full classical song.
+ Become a certified Sandwich Artist.
+ Adopt/have children.
+ Vote.
+ Live in the city at least temporarily.
+ Go out of the country at least once.
+ Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
+ Learn to speak enough Japanese to get by in Japan.
+ Trace back ancestry on both sides.
+ Visit a beach.
+ Own a pink or gold cell phone.
+ Sleep/own on a canopy bed.
+ Dance/twirl in circles on a city sidewalk.
+ Own thigh-high boots.
+ Learn to walk in real heels.
+ Own and read all seven Harry Potter novels.
+ Own and watch all seven (LOL 8) Harry Potter movies.
+ Read "Wuthering Heights" fully.
+ Have the Star Wars theme as a ringtone.
+ Buy a digital SLR camera.
+ Read The Chronicles of Narnia.
+ Master the art of paper crane making.
+ Maintain at least three friendships for the majority of my life.
+ Meet at least one person from online.
+ Write and send a real love letter.
+ Go out in public in random costuming at least three times.
+ Make a fruitcake.
+ Touch a cow.
+ Pet and hold a snake.
+ Try contacts.
+ Take food into a movie theater via a large purse and get away with it.
+ Water a cactus.
+ Stop and smell the roses - literally.
+ Visit Florida.
+ Live alone.
+ Master the art that is liquid eyeliner.
+ Wear a wig (not on Halloween).
+ Go backstage at a large theater (such as at an opera/play).
+ See RENT live.
+ Touch a four-leaf clover.
+ Take ballroom dance classes.
+ Ride on a train.
+ Attend an anime convention.
+ Steal a sign of any sort.
+ Try a Subway wrap.
+ Talk in an accent for an entire day.
+ Go without talking for an entire day.
+ Attend a film festival.
+ Take a walk at sunrise.
+ Attend a masquerade ball.
+ Hit someone with a water balloon and escape unknown.
+ Buy cowboy boots.
+ And wear them out in public.
+ With a skirt.

Total: 73
Completed: lemme calc later

Last update: 02/21/08 08/10/2014
To be updated and marked as complete as I go along.
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12-10-06 4:42am

+ Read "Wuthering Heights" fully.

..It's totally worth it, and doesn't take very long once you get past the first part =D

+ Abstain from sex until marriage.

Word. <3

+ See RENT live.

Word to the infinite power, and you win the internets. XD

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