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charlessumnerthatsickfuck (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2006 at 7:57pm
Music: Computers humming and me longing for a sound card
Wow... it's been a while. I'm going to try hard to make this sincere. That seams to be my problem with posts. I don't want to commit in writing my real feelings. I can converse with a friend, admitting soulful truths, but this is too permanent. And everyone can see. I know, mark it as "password" if I want privacy. But I want to be so honest that my feelings shouldn't exists unless I am proud of them, willing to defend them and share. I guess that means admitting I am fallible.

New note. I think I got raped at a gay club. How is this possible? It was actually more of a sexual assault, because before a rape could occur, "gay luda", (named that because he looks like Ludicrous and is defiantly gay), saved me. Why would a straight guy go to a gay club? I go to men's gay clubs to dance and not to look for sexual partners, just to have fun.

New note.

Interested in stopping AIDs? There is an AIDs benefit this Wed. at Sprial in Lansing, old town (this time we will not be too stoned to find it). It's a drag show with and ensemble cast. It will be comprised of amateurs and pros (and some pro-amatur) from Grand Rapids, Detriot and Lansing. It should be good. And all the profits will go to an AIDs foundation. Give me a jingle for directions. Cover is $8 if you're under 21 and $5 if you're 21 or older.
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12-11-06 8:41pm

*hugs* i fucking love you baylee love and bitch we are sooo gonna be at that show with you...and hope we find it LOL

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12-12-06 7:36am

yeah...sorry I left you with that creepy guy

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