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impersonality (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2006 at 10:06pm
Current mood: sore
Music: [The Flaming Lips] + [It Overtakes Me]
I'm getting kind of restless, almost, a little frustrated. At least today. There's nothing to do, I'm tired but when I try to sleep I just lay there, and I'm hungry but food makes me sick. I hate these limbo days. I think, and this might sound really dumb, but I think it's the tension building from the holidays, and maybe some other things too. But mostly I'm okay, and that's good.

Cassie called me today. I was so glad. I was starting to miss her a lot lately. She's doing great and we talked for like an hour, and it made me feel good. I MUST visit her soon. Being away makes me forget why I liked her so much, but once we talk I get reminded all over again...*sigh*
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