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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2006 at 9:44pm
hey guys
bowling tomorrow, friday.
I am thinking at 6.. does that sound good?
its gotta be at an AMF lanes cus thats what the coupon is for, but i dont know where any are except here in standale. Theres gotta be one closer.

Will anyone pick tom up to go? he lives in howard [I think?]

Sorry this is kind of a late notice but I got busy real quick. You can call me if you have questions or w/e.. I'll try to check these comments frequently.

btw, the list of who is going so far:
her jeff
tom if he can get a ride

thats everyone ive actually spoken about it w/. you could bring friends or w/e. oh someone might want to bring another coupon in case we get over 10. we can just be like two groups..mmhm.

I think thats it.
see ya.

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