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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2007 at 5:07pm
Current mood: gaaaahhh
Subject: I need to stop falling for people
I also need to stop falling for high schoolers. And it was so much easier when I thought she was straight, but apparently she's not.

That doesn't mean I should pursue anything, though. Especially since I'm on a six week hiatus from dating (which is a laugh, considering I wasn't dating anyway). And I like friendship. Friendship is warm and fuzzy and mostly uncomplicated.

It's just weird. I could have sworn she told me she was straight, but now I'm completely reevaluating past situations and wondering what certain things mean. Not that I think she's interested. Not that I actually plan on acting on my interest. But still.
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KATIE, 01-01-07 10:24pm

I managed to forget my password, buuut, I'm like the only person who reads this so... NO FAIR! You have to tell me who you are talking about... I have a guess but I'm probably wrong so who? WHO WHO WHO? (yes I am an owl (do you remember owl from HVC, she was my favoritest... I loved owl... I miss owl)) (btw this is the third time I've typed this and the little thing about owl has stayed the same all three times... yes that is the most important part...)

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Re: KATIE, 01-01-07 10:32pm

Ha, yes I remember Owl. And I'll tell you next time we talk. I'm interested in your guess. There's a good chance you're right; it's not like I'm friends with that many high schoolers.

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