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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2007 at 2:36pm
Only 4 and a half more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure i couldn't be happier. Me and tricia are basically counting the hours. I have to get out of's SOOO boring...and most of my friends don't even care to hang out. :-( Last night i literally drove out to B&N for 3 hours, sat and read books....made me deliriously happy and led to tricia makin fun of me to no end...I live up to the dork status quite easily lol. But I called a ton of people and noone wanted to hang out...bleh. However, the weekend looks semipromising at least. Tonight is dinner out with the one and only Amanda! who i haven't seen in ages. Then Saturday is girls night in with kelly, tricia, and her friend brittney out at tricia's house...movies and pizza and popcorn!! :-D And then sunday is PACKING!!!! hahaha...i have to pack sunday because i'm working monday and leaving early tuesday morning... :-)

ANother severe downside to being home is definitely my psychotic family. Ugh. I walk in the house to yelling or screaming almost's so ridiculous. I've adapted to NOT being around that and now i HATE it.

I'm excited for dinner and amanda have SOOO much to catch up on...she's graduating from undergrad in May! Yikes...we're all growin up so fast lol. Next year, Brooke and eric and a ton of our other friends will be graduating......ahhhhh...i don't want college to end!

Hmmm me & eric had been talkin every day...but i haven't talked to him in like 3 days now....not really sure how to take that yet...i do kinda miss talkin to him...i got used to the convos every day.

Blehhhh i'm in a kinda cranky mood.....and i really don't like it. Being here drags me's just not me anymore. I'm happier when I"m away from here. WHich is sad but oh so true. This just isn't home anymore.

MQT however..... :-). Makes my life. It's sad to think of leaving it. We (me, tricia, brooke, eric, a few others) have talked about getting a house once we all graduate that we could timeshare out between us. ANd then have it be a place to meet back up....renunion style. I don't know if we'll ever actually do it, but it'd be amazing. I can't imagine life before them...or without them in my life period. As for living after college...i'd love to go out west. Colorado or Arizona...maybe Nevada. Mountains and snow...or the old comfort of AZ...I miss goin down there. But I guess I'll have to wait and see what life has in store for me.... :-)

<3 <3
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01-04-07 10:25pm

its nice to see that ppl still use woohu these days... i was getting bummed for poor andy (creator of this site and ex classmate) cuz i dont barely see any recent stuff anymore
what college do you go to?

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01-05-07 9:39pm

Michigan is AWESOME! I grew up there and just moved to wisconsin from there... but i dearly want to go back - soon.

I also hope that he doesnt can it. Although, did get publicezed not to long ago, and not for a good thing. There was a dude that killed himself because he was getting teased on woohu. Not a good thing.... but gets ppl to check out woohu.

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