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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2007 at 3:39pm
Music: The Fray- How to save a life
Subject: life
I haven't updated this in a while, this is probably the least read of all my journals. How are things going lately? Ok so i totally hate talking in 3rd person but things are going okay.
I'm a sophmore in college, and umm this is first time i can really say that Classes suck this semester like waaay more work then last semester. It's not horrible but its bad enough to make me unhappy with them. As far as a relationship, I was with Rachel for like 3 weeks and then broke up with her. I want to have someone hold me and tell me it's all okay, but that will hopefully come with time. My friendships with people are weird, my life is weird in general right now. I'm moving to the dorms in august, but first to my uncles in the cape in May. I will be eternally glad to be away from my mom. She refuses to work or do anything else in her life or help herself. Yes, she had a mild stroke but shes really okay to work and stuff. Just because your not going to make great wages isn't an excuse to just not work at all. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to get a job.
As far as my friendships with people, I have a lot of people who im actually getting along with really well. One of the people i have liked for a long time is annoying/frustrating me lately. It just seems like the only time i get an awknowledgement of my existence is when she wants a favor. I'm so over it, I'm not going to be mean or anything because i rarely am but im not going to make myself feel like crap over it either. It makes me feel bad, i can't help it just does. It makes me feel bad that she sees me that way. We can't hold a conversation without it being either less then 2 minutes or her asking me for something. I'm sorry but thats what you have a boyfriend for, go ask him for stuff. It really changes my outlook on whether i want to be with her, it gives me a different perception of her even as a friend. I love most of my other friends though, we don't hang out or see each other much but i get along with them well. Anyways im going to go do what i should be doing which is homework.
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