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imaqinary (profile) wrote,
on 1-29-2007 at 5:27pm
Current mood: angry
& it all begins like this...

"& so it is....
just like you said it would be."

It's been a long time & I thought I should bring my journal up to date a little bit. First off, Alyssa.

We're great. As perfect as we're ever going to be. I love her & she loves me, we're going to be one big happy family. lol Yeah, we're amazing. Except for not seeing her as much because of homeschooling & now because her parents think we hang out too much (if they only knew....). It sucks. =[ But just one more year, & we'll be away. Away from it all. We'll be together. Able to be with eachother whenever we want. =] It'll be amazing.

Next, John Mayer.

Alyssa & I went to the concert on friday. AMAZING!!! lol Aly & Eric were there as well & our seats weren't very far apart. =] coolness! I got a shirt & Dippin Dots. SCORENESS! hehe. It was an excellent concert. I still can't believe I was like.. 500 ft. or less away from John Mayer. AH!

Third, the Rodeo.

Our quartet, which consists of Lyndsay, Alyssa, myself, & Anjane, sang at the Homestead Rodeo on Sunday. Wow. In 58 years of the Rodeo, we were the first quartet. Pretty awesome. =] We didn't do as well as we should've but there were also things you have to take in account. We were outside, it was windy as hell, their PA system was not very good at all. Of course we could've been better, but we can always be better. Overall it was pretty good.

Well, that was major weekend. hehe.

Also, I'm going to be recording a harmony part on a song for this band Dissever. It's going to be pretty cool. Apparently, I might be singing with them live next week at some show.. but I'm not sure. I'll update if anything.

[ l o v e a l w a y s ]

. g i n a .

i { l o v e } alyssa
.more than the moon & sky.
forever & always
.we'll be together.

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01-29-07 6:51pm

YAY! BIG happy family. eeek! i love you Cutie! *MUAH!*

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01-30-07 10:46am

I'm glad things are going well for you!

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