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nerdalert (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2007 at 3:51pm
two funny stories.

1. highlight of the day - a fellow camp counselor IM's me with "i have a story to tell you" - this results in her telling me about unclogging a toilet that had the biggest turd she had ever seen in her life in it. you probably think its sick, but as a camp counselor, its hilarious.

2. one of the admissions reps gave me a packet of tea today because i was commenting the other day on how good it smelled when i walked into her office. so she gives it to me, and i put it in my pocket (its in a small package). i then walk towards the desk i work at and one of my friends goes "do you have a condom in your pocket?" and my immediate response was "why the hell would i need a condom??" to which he replies "true". haha, i love talking before i think sometimes.
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