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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2007 at 10:34am
so if I do things right I will graduate in 1.5 years. December 08. I'll be like a month over 21. and done with college. and then probably moving out west somewhere to work in the woods [changed my major to natural resources management].
I'm really excited. 1.5 years is attainable, and not far off in the distance. I don't feel like I'll never be done with college anymore.

spring break is next week. we should hang out.

hey chris - where you been mondays 7-9?? not where the cool people are, thats for sure. Unless I just didn't see you.
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02-28-07 12:34pm

Yeah, I also feel like I can actually do this. I guess dropping a major helps alot.

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Re:, 02-28-07 3:28pm

yeah.. I'm dropping my german minor to do it.

What major did you drop?

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03-01-07 5:20pm

That's how much time I had left and I still couldn't deal with it. That's sweet though.

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