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impersonality (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2007 at 9:06pm
Current mood: thoughtful
The past few days...I've been thinking. I mean, my time is really running out. I was thinking about my career choices and my talent and things like that, and as it stands now, unless I change this, I'm hopeless. So I started to take out my old books which, when I got them when I was 12, seemed like a bunch of pointless shit you didn't have to do to get good, but when I re-read them now, for the first time in years, they make a lot of sense. I have to start studying how other people draw things, so I'm going to start a style study, I guess, copying poses from anime and shows that I like the styles for paying close attention to anatomy, and trying to get a good handle on things, but I REALLY need to work on figure drawing. I'm also thinking I should start researching the field, famous people, and schools and stuff, because I'm starting to realize things aren't just going to fall in my lap and I really need to start getting serious. I need to start writing too. I'd love to be a character designer, or at least the character animators (as opposed to scene and machine etc. artists) I have so many stories and characters stuff in my brain, but they are of no use to me there, they need to be on paper before it can help me with anything.

But, I'm so overwhelmed.

The really big question is, should I go to a cartooning or animation school? I'd love to do both, and they're probably so close that I could jumped around after a while.. or something.. I just don't know :/
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03-29-07 10:17pm

I think for now, go with your gut feeling on which career to go with, what has more benefits, pay, job options, etc. And if you never know, you might be able to go back to another school for the other sometime in your life. If not go to an art school and major in one and minor in the other or something.

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