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impersonality (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2007 at 4:23pm
Current mood: lazy
So yeah, this movie... This Arab girl, well, her bastard brother lost her shoe in the river or something, and now she has to wear these crappy sneakers and everyone has nice shoes, and then some other little girl FOUND her shoes, and well....THE DRAMA OF IT ALL (I swear this whole fucking movie is about her damn shoes, and well, you actually feel sorry for her)! DD:

So yeah, L&N is hiring, but, I'm not going to apply. I'm not sure how my hair would go over, and my mom said in small food places that hire a lot of teenagers, well, they don't even get minimum wage (waitresses, she said, get like 2 bucks an hour, which is totally lame. I'm better getting paid 7 dollars and hour at EPM for doing mindless boring shit all day...)

Oh, and I bought a few new shirts today, two of them might shrink to be too small though ;;
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04-09-07 4:39pm

I need to find a job or something ;___;

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Re:, 04-09-07 4:44pm

yes xD

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