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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2007 at 1:32pm
I ended up writing about my drunk dog terrorizing Schweitzer. The essay blows...

I think I'm losing my edge.
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04-17-07 9:38am


maybe if you had listened to me.

naw im kidding.

im sorry paul, maybe its just this one essay
it was the assignment that blows
not you.


cheer up buttercup.

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Re:, 04-17-07 11:47am


I miss you alex.

Come live in my fields with the hobos and moose booms and shit.

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gah!, 04-17-07 6:31pm

First your MSN just kicked the bucket and then I tried to email you and it's like "Nope, sorry, this email doesn't exist." And then I was like gah!

So then I decided to give up and just go on my run.

Have a lovely time in biology... and a lovely rest of the week.


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Re: gah!, 04-18-07 5:20pm

Yeah...the school's internet blows and I changes my email 'cause I was getting spammed with all the "save the kids in africa" virus-in-a-box shit. My new one's on my profile.

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Re: Re: gah!, 04-18-07 5:27pm

hmmm. oops.

I don't get spammed. Ha! Well, I do, but it ends up in my spam box and then I just click 'delete' and it says 'Hooray! No spam here!' and then life is happy.

Uhm.. Yeah.

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Re: Re: gah!, 04-18-07 5:28pm

but... it's your gmail one I was emailing.

It's broken! and I'm confused.

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