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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2007 at 1:01pm
SO my mom freaked me out while she was here...I forgot my grandma Santiago died from Breast cancer...both sides of the family is not good...

Dunzo was sad.

I fly out to California a week from tomarrow.

I have 4 papers, 3 exams, and a presentation due before that.

Harrison might stay in my apt. while I am gone.

Ryan wanted me to go to his graduation, but I don't get back til the day after. I think he was dissapointed, but we will both have to get over that. I was just happy he thought about it.

Ricci finally contacted see when she could drop off my stuff...*sigh*

BAck to the grind I guess...
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04-17-07 9:49pm

Sorry about Dunzo..that's sad. Have fun in Cali though!

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