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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2007 at 2:48am
Subject: love.
the other day i got so sick to my stomach
i knew
that night i was going to break up with him.

that night he came home
and he held me close on the couch and played with my hair
while watching television
until i fell asleep.

this morning when i woke up he tried to make love to me,
but i rolled away and went to the bathroom.
i was sick to my stomach
and i knew
i would probably break up with him today.

but this afternoon he came home
and i was still in my loose red sweatpants
with my big blue shirt falling off my shoulder
ugly morning hair and old make up still on my face

and he found me to be so beautiful
that he kissed me and didn't stop for an hour.
he told me that i was gorgeous without trying
and he loved me too much for words.
and it honest to god made me so upset, i cried.

i dont know what any of this means.

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jaycue., 04-19-07 2:39pm

honest. pure. beautiful thoughts. i miss your mind.

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