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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2007 at 12:04am
Current mood: hungry =(
Subject: wednesday morning

I was up forever last night. I couldn't fall asleep for anything.
When I finally did go to sleep I was having weird bisexual dreams about having to sleep at B.O.A.R. Physical Therapy in the Rostraver office with like two of the Pittsburgh Riverrats and this girl that likes girls.

I woke up this morning a few times to Nore trying to get me up
but it was official when my mom called and he heard the phone ring because he was not going to let me pretend to sleep. He knew I was up after he heard that damn phone.

So I am out of milk--that means no cereal for breakfast unless I run to BP--WHICH i am too lazy to do. So.. I have resorted to potato chips and my Easter basket.

I have to work at 2:00 today. Probably til about 7:00 or something.

Justin texted me this morning and said he was goign to work and to text him when I wake up.. but I'm about to get a shower so I will do that in a little bit.

Don't you always feel like more of a dirtball when you wake up after sleeping REALLY good? I do. That's why I love to take showers in the morning. =D

Anywyas, I'm out.
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04-19-07 12:39am

So jealous of your job.

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Re:, 04-20-07 1:10am

do you live around belle vernon?

because we're looking for an aide at the rostraver office to take my place since i have to go on leave.

thyere really DESPERATE.

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