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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2007 at 12:18am
Current mood: sleepy. sad.. but sleepy.
Subject: wednesday night

Work was alright today.
Tiring.. but alright.

I came home and played with Nore.

I've just been chillin here.

I talked to Justin but he sounded real tired and he said he was gonna go find something to eat and never called back. =( I'm figuring he fell asleep, though. He ALWAYS calls. I can't wait until the 27th for him to come home.
I hope I get a lot done around the house before he gets here so he is surprised.

At about 10:00, Lesley called and asked me if it was alright if Javonn walked to my house. Haha? I said he could if he wanted to, but that it was kinda late. Well--he procrastinates and 11:00 rolls around and I texted them and told them I was going to bed within the hour.

Right now I am watching Tyra.
This episode is on sex addicted women.
This sixteen year old girl may have been pregnant and she was telling Tyra how part of her wants someone to love and take care of and another part of her knows she's too young and needs to finish high school.
The girl's mom said if she were pregnant she has two choices: to either give it up for adoption or have an abortion.
The girl got mad and said it wasn't her baby's fault and he/she deserved to have a life.
I think that's sad.
Abortions obviously ruin lives of unborn childs (literally), but they also ruin the lives of the people who have them. Sometimes women can't even carry a child after an abortion and sometimes.. in cases like this one where young women are forced to have abortions by their parents.. it ruins them emotionally. It may not be right away and tehy may not even realize it.. but years later it can show and it can have serious mental effects.

I'm just glad to be having this baby now. I'm glad I graduated and I'm glad I have a good job. I'm glad I love my boyfriend and I'm glad he has been my friend for a long time. It makes it so much easier when we are as close as we are and that he's there for me as much as he is. We went through rocky parts and cheated on each other and fought a lot but we got over it and I don't think I could have a better boyfriend than the one I have now.

Tomorrow, I have to go to work at the Monessen office around 1:30 because our PTA can't make it.
I was supposed to have Friday off, but Andy asked me if I could come in to the Rostraver office sometime around 12 or something to do billing with our office manager.
Friday is my last day so he wants her to show me how to do actual billing input rather than posting.
That way I will have a lot to do when they send the computer home with me.
I should hook my fax machine up so that way I can just receive and send them stuff without having to leave my house. (haha, lazy)

This Tyra is actually pretty interesting.
I know a bunch of girls who, when I was in high school, had sex with a bunch of guys and I always wondered why they would do that to themselves and this is kinda answering that.
I guess when you look at these sluts and whores who think they're so hot you're really looking at someone who has been hurt in the past, probably by a guy, or anyone that really hurt their self esteem. Easy girls don't think they're so hot at all and that's why they have to take the slutty pictures on myspace and stuff to get comments from guys to feel pretty.
That's kinda sad, actually.

Anywyas, I think I am going to fix Caitlin's myspace and go to bed.
My puppy is real tired and he wakes up too early for me if he goes to bed first.
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04-19-07 3:15am

HAHAHAHAHAHA was ur away mess about bishop cos she deifnitely looks like a hoebag in her new pcitures

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Re:, 04-20-07 1:09am

??? no.

who cares?
did you read my post about the tyra show?
she must have insecurities that she tries to cover up.
taking hoe pictures makes her feel good when she gets comments and messages from guys.


don't say stupid stuff.

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