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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2007 at 5:43pm
Subject: Thursday evening...

I just ate a french bread pizza and I am about to cook dinner in a little bit.
I guess we're going to have pork chops again. (we, as in me and nore)
he's barking at me right now like an asshole.
i don't know what he wants so i ignore him. he does this everytime i'm on here.

Work was alright today.
Usually, I hate going out to the Monessen office because I feel lazy over there but I didn't mind it today really.. and then Dan let me leave at about 3:30 so that was cool.
Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day and all I'm going to do is head out to Rostraver around noon to learn some extra billing stuff with our office manager to take the laptop home.
I told her I doubted I was going to be ready in one day so I told her I would come in next week to work with her if she felt like I needed to.

Other than that, I'm just chillin.
Being bored but relaxed. =D

I like to be by myself but I was going through my phone and I miss Becca. =( We used to hang out every day when we went to school and now I NEVER see her except only in pictures.

It's nice out today.
It's getting a little chilly, but it's nice.
I'm gonna go call Justin.

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04-20-07 12:22am

LOL:) I like that your dog is included in the we.

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Re:, 04-20-07 1:08am

haha yeah well.. he gets the fatty parts and the leftovers. =)

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