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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2007 at 3:55pm
Subject: Sunday afternoon..

Nore is taking a nap so I am taking the opportunity to update because I am bored.
I just got off the phone with Justin not too long ago.
He just moved hotels and he hates the one he's at now. Haha.

Tracy and Chriss came over today because they drove past and saw me sitting outsdie and wanted to make sure I was okay. (haha)

I can't believe that I am due to have a baby in a week.
I don't even feel pregnant! I thought being pregnant was going to be a lot harder than this but really I haven't actually even felt pregnant until like maybe a week ago because of how hard it's been for me to get up from laying down. Haha.
I told Andy (my boss) I wouldn't even know I was pregnant if I didn't have this huge stomach. =)

I dunno, I can't wait to get it out though. I knwo I'm still going to be fat for a while but I can't wait to get rid of SOME of it.

I think I'm going to sit outside with Nore for a little bit. It's super nice out today.
It's my pap's birthdya so I might be heading down there for a little.
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04-26-07 9:09pm

the first pregnancy is the BEST. wait til you have another baby, you feel like shit .. all the time.

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