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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2007 at 11:06pm
Current mood: tiiired!
Music: Last night, I couldn't even get an answer...
Subject: mm i laa you babe

Well.. I chilled around my house lazy all day.
Then, me and Nore went down my gram's

--(fuck you chicago bitches--i just said DOWN MY GRAM'S.. AND GRANDPAP'S, HOW'S THAT!? hahaha muaah i miss YINS so much!!!)--

for my grandpap's birthday.
he was good down there.. a little crazy but he was good.

at one point though, he had the cat bed and i grabbed it off of him and held it against me as i leaned over to yell at him and he jumped at me and went to grab it, biting me in the stomach.
sooo.. my skin is stretched and really thin on my stomach and he bit me--not hard--and it left a purple mark and an indent. kinda like a stretch mark except it hurts when i touch it.

it sucked.

apirl was supposed to call me around 7:00 to drop off a stand for my bathroom but she never called sooo okay. i wasn't ready to leave at 7 so i wasn't going to call her so i'll have to get it another day.

me and nore got back around 9:30 and he went to sleep on the living room floor and i watched desperate housewives.
me and justin talked for a little bit because i cant go to sleep without saying good night to him.
i ahven't cried in a while but for some reason i did tonight.
after we got off the phone he sent me a text message and told me not to cry and that we'd be together again soon.
only 5 more days, but it just goes so slow.
i told him i was sorry for crying and that i knew and it's just hard to be away from him-- i feel so like.. apart from him.
he said he misses me so much i dont even know. ( =( ) and that it's hard for him to be away.
i told him about how my mom told me it's probably even harder for him because he's actually away from home and everything and he said he does miss his friends and everything but his family comes first. =(

that made me miss him more.

i like to have a family with him because i feel like he would do anything for me, it's just scary cause i can never trust anyone--
--the one person i actually got to the point that i could trust i had to let him go because you get your heart broke so many times and then the pieces actually start to get lost and that happened.. you know?

it feels weird to not have to work in the morning.
What will I do all day tomorrow?!?!?!
Pshtttt yeah right--I have A LOT to do this week.
I just put off gettin shit done cause I hate to leave me dog home alone..

I am going to heat up this rice bag and head off to bed with my puppers.
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04-23-07 7:54pm

you're so not fat!
when we were at your shower. me and the girls i was with ALL said that you did not gain ANNNNY weight whatsoever
youre just all belly .
i can't wait!
i wanna see pictures
oh my gosh.
did you decide on a name?
im so excited.
i used to hate babies.
but youve changed my opinion
cos i really truly believe that you are going to be an amazing mom.
i rsvpd to that lady. what was her name.
idk but she was SO nice
i talked to her for like an hour on the phone about you and how wonderful you are.
i love you lisa.

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Re:, 04-25-07 12:22am

hahaha youre too much

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