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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2007 at 10:33am
Subject: I feel like a fucking Hipster
Next essay is a research paper deriving a concept from Schlosser's book and using documented incidents to make it relevant to the local populous.

We can choose from marijuana laws, illegal immigrant labor, and pornography and the surrounding controversy (free speech and such).

I'm thinking...pornography and free speech. I've never formally written anything on free speech, and I've already written more essays on pot and immigration than I care to remember.

So here's what I want to know from everyone.
(this is the hipster bit)

How is pornography is relevant in the free-speech controversy, and in what way does this impact us as citizens of the pacific north west?

(That sounded terrible. I should vomit just on principle)
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04-25-07 2:24pm

Well, freedom of speech goes under the larger catorgory of freedom of expression. Which sadly for some people means posing for porn websites and such. Freedom is a weird thing though, because we think we have but to tell you the truth, it's somewhat controled by the government. You can't yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theater and tell the police "Oh, I was just exercising my right to freedom of speech." You'd get arrested for being a dumbass.

Hmmm. I had a point with this.. I just forgot. Shit.

It doesn't impact me. I don't know anyone who looks at porn... so therefore it's not an issue I worry about.

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Re:, 04-26-07 12:19am

For the sake of argument, there is no freedom of expression. There is, however, freedom to religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and petition the government for a regress of grievances. Freedom of expression is something the hipsters thought up and the emo-bitches adopted for sake of justifying the fact that they think with their non-existent vaginas. Which is to say, they're as reactionary as they are stupid.

As far as porn goes, it isn't actually protected by any laws, since it wasn't a huge industry until the internet was a practical means of distributing it, twelve or so years ago and no one cared enough before that to get it in legislature. Furthermore, it is relevant to you because -and it troubles me to see you be so naive- you know people who are addicted to porn. The industry is so massive it is all but impossible for you not to. This goes without mentioning the small body of work done regarding the psychological repercussions of pornography on not only the film makers (namely the women) as well as the viewers, who are as a group more likely to commit suicide. So, not only is the concept of pornography a swing at women, but it could one day kill someone you know. Consider this: over thirty percent of all males in the church reported having been addicted to porn at one point in their lives, and many marked it as being a recurring issue.

And you wouldn't get arrested for being a dumb-ass, or for even yelling anything. You'd get arrested for inciting a riot.

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Re:, 04-26-07 12:25am

Now I feel like a hipster again...

Well, at least I'm not using phrases like "Corporate Machine", blaming the worlds problems on western consumerism, and watching Michael Moore movies while eating tofu. Then I'd be fucked.

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Re: Re:, 04-26-07 3:12pm

this is why I never debate with you, I always lose. =[

I think I had tofu once, it tasted really, really icky. And it smelled bad. Like there was a block of it sitting in our fridge and it just sat and smelled and looked bad.

Okay see, you basically made your own argument, now you write your paper about porn and I'll write mine about eating babies.


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Re: Re: Re:, 04-29-07 11:21pm

mmm... babies...

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Re: Re: Re: Re:, 04-29-07 11:44pm

mmm... i perfer toddlers.

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