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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2007 at 6:15pm
So I have been thinking a lot about Michelle since I left Michigan because everything is reminding me of you. I heard All American rejects on the drive to the airport, then on the plane we had an episode of the office and a behind the scenes of 24. I wish you were here.

So my aunt paula has been doing pretty well this week. She has been to work for a couple hours everyday. Today I went to work with DeAnn and actually we ended up going on a fieldtrip with the special ed was really fun, they are all really sweet.

It is really nice here, and we also went to kohls and are going out for...wait for it...SUSHI. ( I will have In and Out at LEAST once...dont worry.)

I love you guys.
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04-27-07 11:28pm

Aw! I'm really glad you're having fun. Haha remember every time we ate out we had a different ethnic food but our bill always ended up being like $80? Good stuff. Bucca diBeppo!!! You should watch that video of us singing in the car when we were driving around Sacramento.

PS I love how all that media reminds you of me. :-D

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