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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2007 at 11:19pm
Yep, i couldn't be happier.

It's been exactly a week since i moved out of the dorms and into my new home and started the new job. And life doesn't get much better. Period.

The first few days were CRAZY, with all the unpacking and helping Eric move on Wednesday, and the BBQ's and beach and frosty treats (kinda like mqt's own DQ) trips. I LOVE my room. I figured i would move into Brooke's room in the fall when she moved upstairs....but I LOVE this! It's such an oddball little room (it's not square), and it's got this sweet shelf lining two of the walls........i couldn't be more comfy in here! The only thing i have left to do is get a bed up here.....right now there's a twin bed in the room....but fitting two people on there is damn near impossible....and for my own use, i just like to be able to roll around dangit! I've spent at least an hour every other day out in the hammock, just lying in the sun and reading....SOOOOOo nice :-). And i've been out on my bike more this week than i have all semester! lol....gotta get the body beach-ready!

My job is, along with half the MP supervisors lol, are all doing basic custodial/painting work this summer. Minimum wage (which is 6.95 up here), 40 hours a week. I have the GREATEST boss in the world. We get 2 half hour breaks during the day and an hour for lunch.....and it's all PAID. So i generally take a half-hour nap out in the grass at 2 every afternoon. :-) Plus, Ed (the boss) loves to grill out, so he said a few times this summer, he's gonna bring a bunch of burgers and brats and we can grill out for lunch! AND he plans on taking us on his boat sometime towards the end of summer, for some swimming, drinking, and relaxing. :-) (Just to clarify, he's only the boss of 6 of us....we work for different halls, so he's the boss of one hall and there are 6 of us working in that hall) AND yep there's one more sweet ass thing...wait two. The first is that he doesn't really care if we need days off, we just have to mark it on the calendar or call him if we're ridiculously sick. and the second quite possibly greatest part is that at the end of the summer we get a $250 bonus! SWEET! Oh wait, ONE more...on Fridays, Ed said as long as we get most of what we needed to for the week done, he lets us quit at 2 and just watch TV till we can clock out at 330 :-) hahahaa....i'm not's pretty sweet that my work day ends at 330! ok....NOW i'm done. :-D

And then there's all the fun stuff....grillin out, goin to the beach...went to a bonfire last night out at Amanda's....drunken fun all night long around the fire (except i only had a few beers early in the night so i could drive home at 4). It was so much fun. There were just a few of us out there, but it was a blast to kick back and talk and play games and take pictures :-) And everything with Eric is still going amazingly well. I couldn't be happier. And i love his new's WAY smaller than the old one....but SOOO......comfy...cozy. The furniture has JUST enough room to make the room feel full, but not stuffy. :-) ....hahaha....and Eric's bedroom has two closets....with two full-length mirrors on both the of which we found out just happens to be in perfect placement so that when you're on the bed, you can see most of yourself......... ;-) the coolest part was we definitely didn't even think about that when i was helpin him move in and unpack. It was quite the pleasant surprise. ;-)

ahhhhhhhhhh life is good...good friends, good weather, good job, good house, good times! I've SORT OF figured out money for the next month.....the stupid rent thing messed things up a bit, but i'm ok.

Ooooo last notes...the end of the month is NUTS! Memorial day weekend, me and eric are comin home to go to my bro's graduation and his sister's birthday party, then jettin off to michigan the next morning for our friends' wedding!, then headin back here to celebrate our day off on monday :-) Then the NEXT weekend, we're goin home AGAIN, for Brett's parade that he's in and a baseball game, and his other sister's graduation. YIKES! SOOOOoooooooooo busy. And it will DEFINITELY be interesting to be in a car with him for that long...... (approximately 34 hours with all the stops.....!!!!!!!!!!!!) lol I think it'll be alright though....we've done pretty damn well with adapting to each other's mood swings when we get them, and making each other smile in the worst of situations. :-) So i'm not too worried. It'll be an adventure for sure. :-)

Ooooooooooo my dad's coming home the first week of June. Not that it really matters....I don't really have much of an opinion on the situation anymore. I'm a tad nervous on Eric meeting him (which will most likely be unavoidable the second weekend we come home)...but I guess we'll just see what happens.

Alright....have to go to bed....the only crummy part about my job is that it starts super early....but it's not so bad cuz if i'm home, i wake up with brookie and make breakfast since we work together...and if i'm at eric's we do the same since he starts at 8. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

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