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mysin (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2007 at 8:56pm
Current mood: Stuck between two train tracks
Music: Moby - lift me up
Subject: why do I keep coming back.....
So..... last time i pretty much my life got way out of hand and everything came out of nowhere. Well, all i can is that it has happened again.

out of no where.... .

my rage has comeback. i find myself now when i am angry a little bit angry fueling the fires and makes everything worse and make myself more and more angry.
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05-20-07 3:06am

*huggles* I'm sorry hun
I'm sorry things aren't going well. but besides the anger
How are YOU doing?
hows things with your boi?
I miss you so much, our talks, our txts, our conversations.
You'll still always be my older brother
I haven't forgotten about you

All my love

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