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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2007 at 12:08am
Subject: my baby is sleeping past his usual time to wake up

..Usually he sleeps like--8-12, then wakes up to eat but goes right back to sleep 12-4 for a bottle and goes right back to sleep, then 4-7 and rtight back to sleep and then 7-9 and that's when he gets up for the day.

he was following that except it's 10 after 12 and he's still sleeping and doesn't look like he's getting up anytime soon. hmm.. we'll see what happens..

it was a good weekend because justin came home a day earlier.
i asked him to go to grand march wih me so he came home thursday night instead of friday. =)
we did go to grand march. i did liz's make up and she looked pretty cute. haha.
she made me jealous, i wish i would've went to prom--it's the one thing i really regret.
in fact, justin had said that he wished we went last year. =(
oh well, too late now.

after grand march tracy watched jayce and we went out to eat at speer street grill. we had a lot of fun.. i miss going out with him.
our waiter talked me into getting this dish i had questions about by saying it was one of the best things on the menu.
justin got a steak and they were both delicious.
our rib appetizer was pretty amazing, too.
when we were finished justin talked me into getting dessert but there was no more chocolate cake. =( luckily, our waiter talked me into getting some sort of brownie cheesecake and it was one of the best things i've ever tasted.

after that we went to cam and serg's apartment for a while.
eventually, we picked jayce up at like 11:30 and went home to sleep.

this weekend went pretty good, it was sad when justin had to leave again.

last night, right after shaun picked justin up, nicole came over with a couple jack daniels malt drinks which were pretty tasty.
after she left i dropepd jayce off at my mom's so i could run to shop n save to get him more formula and then i went back down there and ate dinner and made brownies for my brothers and step dad.
i went home and went to bed..

today i got up and went to meet denise in king's parking lot but when i called her to tell her what kind of car i would be in, she told me she might not make it. she is the lady in charge of my parenting course thing. it's pretty easy, basically she comes over and we talk about how cute the baby is.. last visit she tried on liz's prom jewelery.

i went to the probation office and met her in the waiting room.
i took my drug test for the court order and then i went home!

jenna came over and then left for school around 6.
she called to tell me her class was cancelled.. and then she went home, got adam, and came back.
i knew they were here because i could hear them yelling at each other outside.

anywyas.. that;s about it. thye left about an hour ago and now here i am.. about to go to bed..

sooo.. im out.
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