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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2007 at 1:31am
So after reading Michelle's reply to my last entry here goes:

I am going t move on and not really look back, and i know that there were good things that happened, but there are not that many of those things that will continue when I do move on. Michelle you are one f only a handful of lasting things frim these four years. I think of you frequently too...for example tonight I was watching TV and there was a commercial that was Sarah Silverman patting a guy down and she touched his taint and he said the word...I loved it. TAINT!

anyway. I should get my cmputer back soon, and I will be able to update more often. I miss you and I appreciate your words of encouragement.
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05-24-07 11:22am

Hahaha taint. I need to reintroduce that into my vocabulary again.

No problem, I know how you're feeling. Just don't forget there's life after Goldsworth Valley. :) You should move to South Carolina, or Sacramento and go to that college thats near your aunties house and get fat on In & Out Burger. When is your trip to Prague? I'm coming home mid-July but I think it might be when you're gone. I'll be on the west side of the state for a few days so let me know if you'll be around.

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