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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2007 at 8:21pm
Current mood: i have to pee.
Music: Blue October - Into the Ocean
Subject: I'm cold as cold as cold can be..

Well, Justin should be home shortly.
We are e-mailing each other through here and his new phone.

Nore is outside, chillin.. and Jayce is sleeping next to me on the couch.

I am super bored. My mom is supposed to come to bring Nore dog food but I think she may have forgot. Grr.. plus, I want my clothes that Liz found in her closet. haha, when me and my sisters clean out our closets we always let each other look through the bags before we give them to good will.
mine is half-done. I cleaned out my closet but now I still have the dresser to do.

Memorial Day: Monday
it went okay. We went over my mom's for a cook-out after we went shopping at Wal-Mart.
My whole family was there and we ate some steak. It was delicious but I wished there was more because I bet I could've ate like 20lbs of it.

We took Nore there and my mom and Justin got in a big fight because Justin hit him. =( My poor puppy. I told Justin I will punch him in his face and ohhhh it was chaos.

April wanted to watch Jayce ALL DAY.
Well, I wasn't exactly for that... I didn't want him gone all day so to waste time I waited until she took him to get a shower.
I was going to go to Gabes to buy a dress for this wedding me and Justin are going to on Saturday.
First, me and Justn had to go to the mall to take back these phones that the guy from T-Mobile suckered us into taking. Justin ended up getting in a big hissy fit with the guy there so we went downstairs and he bought a T-Mobile phone from that kiosk instead.

Anywyas, I'll update more later..
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