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eclipsedsky (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2007 at 7:23pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Imperium// Machine Head
Subject: cosplay piiiiiiiiicksss + negelcting to study for Eco test tomorrow..
i'm bored so i'll put down my next cosplay picks:

i'm just gonna be choosing from any of the .hack series this time. since i've been worshiping it for the past 5 years or so.>w<


Alkaid .hack//G.U.

(;_; waaaa i love her so muuuuch<3)
Saku and Bo .hack//G.U.

OMG I'D LOOOOVE to do Sakubo with someone else. ;______;

Shino .hack//ROOTS and //G.U.
I'd do her darker colored version

aaand finally Ouka from .hack//Legend of the Twilight

yea so that's my pic for next year's con. now that i know in advance i'll diet earlier and start working on it earlier. >D KK SO pic your fave.. even if i'm faving Alkaid a lot now. :/

it's nice to be a geek. :'3
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05-31-07 8:09pm

Alkaidddd forshuuure ;;DDDD

ahh i hope an ocelot cosplayer shows up if i go as raikooovv ;DDD

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06-01-07 5:39pm

alkaid fo sho.

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