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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2007 at 11:42pm
Subject: stupid woohu

it pisses me off because when i try to update i always accidentally hit something on this stupid keyboard that redirects me and makes me lose everythign that i type.

to sum it up--
i never have time to update anymore so i was trying to get a quick one in before i go to bed.

we went to rob's wedding on saturday which was really nice.
the reception was fun and me and justin never drink but we did there a little bit. it was funny because neither of us ate a thing all day so once u got a little alcohol in us we were a little tipsy but once they opened the food it was over, haha. we weren't feeling anything at all because we definitely pigged out. i never saw justin eat so much!!

he has to work tomorrow which is lame ebcause i will be lonely all day.
he was with serg tonight and said as soon as he got home, "i saw bishop at val's and she's still trying to cause trouble--she came up to me saying that cody tells people the baby is his and serg heard her say i looked hot.. i think that was the funniest thing i've heard in a while!!"
i was like ??? uhh alright. i said, "i bet cody doesn't even say that and she's just saying that."
why would cody say that? he would be dumb to. jayce was born in april which makes him made in july or august.
aaaand that's funny because i hadn't talked to cody since like.. february.. haha.

anywyas.. it's 12:30 i've been reading past journal entries and now i'm beat. going to bed!! lata!!
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