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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2007 at 11:39am
Subject: good morning

I am sitting here, drinking coffee, watching Hollywood's 50 Most Shocking Confessions.

My babe is sitting next to me.. He's mad cause I turned off the Doodlebob's. Yeah, he watches t.v. He's cool.
He's just drinkin his bottle, chillin'.

I spilled coffee all over the couch because I tried to pick up my cup with my foot. Haaaa.

Next nap the babe takes I'm washing the dishes and taking a shower to get ready for the day.

I uploaded new pictures. Click here to see them.

I'm not srue what I'm going to do today but it's probably not going to be anything interesting.
Maybe I'll go over my mom's house for a little bit to play Wii.
I do need to caulk the sink so I can clean my bathroom though.
We put in a new sink and stuff and everything that was in the old one is now all over the bathroom floor because the sink we have now leaks because it needs caulked.

Nore is so cute, we put his crate in the kitchen because it's cool in there and we aren't locking him up anymore when we go out so we left it out incase he still wanted to go in it when we locked the bedroom door. Well--he still lays in his crate in the middle of the kitchen. He's so freaking cute.

Okay, as you can see I'm rambling on becuase I'm bored. The babe fell asleep so I'm going to go get ready for today.

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