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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2007 at 12:07am
Subject: so much for trying to lose weight..

..I just downed like four cheeseburgers and gave Nore one.

You know who I miss? Tubby. I was uploading new pictures
(click here to see them)
and I had a bunch of me and him. I missss him.
Too bad Nor' would eat 'em.

I'm super tried.
Justin wanted to sleep over tonight but I told him not to.
It's only been ONE night. I have to stand my ground and show him I mean business!!!

Jayce is sleeping in his crib. I'm about to wake his ass up to cuddle with him and the puppy.

I freaking can't wait til my printer gets here. I am going to have picture frames all over my house and the first thing I'm going is making a scrapbook for Jayce at the hospital.

Okay. I think this is it. I'm dead tired.
I have to meet with Denise tomorrow at liek 4 or so, so you know I'll be going down my mom's like two hours early to play wii while i wait for her.

ughhh okay if i don't go to bed now i will never be able to handle jayce when he wakes up in the night.
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