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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2007 at 1:32am
Subject: if my boyfriend had a myspace or facebook i would have the most embarassing pictures

We got our printer the other day and I already printed out probably close to 2million pictures. There are pictures all over our refrigerator and some sitting on the kitchen table that i have to buy frames for.

What does Justin print out as soon as he sees it?
He wastes about 10 photo papers to print stupid pcitures of me out that we can't even hang up or anything. haha.
i don't know why he likes those pictures.
i'm flicking him off in one and in the other one, i am in the middle of flicking him off and my fingers look like a sped hand.

Ahh I have been so BORED lately.
How about the other day Justin goes to the wave pool with my friends and I couldn't go because I had plans to get my consultation at the gym!!
I was so mad!!!!
Well, not mad--jealous.. I really wanted to go!!
Haha oh well though he was the only guy and had to swim by himself!!

I feel like a fat cow lately.
I mean, I guess I'm not trying to watch my weight at all.. but.. I wish I was because I feel like a moose.

I start back to work on Monday and I've come to DREAD it!!
I, no way, want to leave my babe AT ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't know how i'm going to do it.
i was crying and i told justin that one day i am going to marry someone rich for my babe.
he said, "...go for it."

i'm super tired because i am never up this late and i was at tracy's playing Jeopardy! on Nitendo until 12:30.
She took me out to eat tonight at Wing'n It, her and Chriss.
I was supposed to go over there and chill with her, chriss, and evan but i had to take liz to joey's and drop shawn's friends off so i got there after evan left.
it's okay cause me and tracy played a million games on jeopardy.

i'd say we're both pretty kick ass.

anywyas, i'm going to bed.
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