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theedgeofyouratmosphere (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2007 at 10:09am
lastnight was cool i guess.
we finally got alittle bit of money so that took tension off the bills being payed and what not. and a little extra for whatever. its nice. i hate being so poor :(
he bought himself a case of beer (my boyfriend) and basically got drunk and smoked. we had some company, doug and hoagie came twice. then ben and some crackwhore came to buy some green off Lance. ben smoked alittle with me.
i know i should stop but i smoked all day yesterday; i kinda needed it i've just been so down and stressed and everything, just needed something for my nerves. cause trust me if i could drink i would LoL.
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06-30-07 11:19pm

start putting money away for when the baby comes. you'll need it =P just a lil from every pay check n what not. it'll add up.

weed makes me feel...... i don't know, tired & groggy anymore. i don't like to smoke. blah.

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