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sweatingblood (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2007 at 9:37pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Blood for Blood - White Trash Anthem
Subject: Have you ever prayed to the night sky? Watch another stolen car drive by, lose your hope and say "This is where I'll die?"
Christ, my stupidity got the best of me once again. Driving home the other day, I clipped some lady's car in my parking lot (I actually didn't even notice, since I drive a tank). But anyway the cops wake me up the next morning and now I'm being charged with a hit and run and I have to pay this bitch 700 bucks for her saturn's rear end.

But in lighter news, I'm going to Elko (your guess is as good as mine) to work on a warehouse, so I can finally get away from the fuckin college I've been working at, even if just a couple weeks. And my first raise in the trade is coming up in a month! Joy!

Have a nice 4th of July.
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07-04-07 8:28am

Come celebrate with me and Kaleb and the Telmans!!

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Re:, 07-04-07 12:48pm

Why do you tease me Carl? You know I would be if there was any possibility =[. But hope you guys have fun and tell everyone I said hello =]

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Re: Re:, 07-04-07 1:54pm

Well I just called over there and Kev said that Casey just showed up out of the blue and took Kaleb, so I guess I'm just heading over there to hang with him and Denise - which is always cool. She's making chicken :D

But yeah, I talked to Aaron too and he said he'd written you a reply to your letter - he's just waiting on envelopes. They didn't get any this week (or anything else) 'cause of the 4th. Which is gay.

Anyway, call me tonight sometime and wish me a happy fourth of july, loser :P

Love yas

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