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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2007 at 11:05pm
today felt like the longest work day everrrrrr. i worked 1:30 - 10:00, but it was so insanely slow that the time dragged on like you'd never believe. today i worked with barb, nicole, and chantal. OH and i bought another book - its mad good so far. i think im obsessed with the seven deadly sins series.. its kinda pathetic when you get so into the book that you actually create images of these people in your head and actually want to meet them haha.

other then work, ive been in a blah mood.. tomorrow is gonna be 3 years since my mom passed away. my aunts not even coming here to spend it with me which makes me really sad. i'm gonna be so alone. i miss her so much, it doesnt get easier. it still constantly kills me.

oh, also.. so i wnet on a vacation with my cousisn and aunt n uncle - ill give you details tomorrow, because right now im exhausted. but it was so much fun. but yea, i think im gonna go for now. im pretty tired, so im gonna go do some exercise n then read til i fall asleep.

goodnight all ! <3

&& what kills me is i know im wasting my time ; yet i still refuse to let go . .
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i love you <3, 07-22-07 3:20pm

hi honey pie!
Im so sorry about your mom. I hope the day whent by better then you antisipated.

I wanna know alla about this trip too! =]

<3 Ashley - your boyfriend, you never write back!

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Re: i love you <3, 11-26-07 1:56am

ashhhhh !!! important questionnnn - can u redo my myspace for me using this layout n stuff?? i'm gonna return ur messages tomorrow - im SO sick so i havent bene doing nething, but im not going to school tomorrow so ill def be responding to ur messages but i really hope u can do my layout for me ! lovess u

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02-05-09 8:08pm

danielle .. do you remember these days? when we would use this thing !! hehe <33333333

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