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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2007 at 10:48pm
6 months. Feels like the blink of an eye. :-) A very happy eye...hahaha. Thursday night Eric asked me if he could take me out on monday because he wanted to save some money back since his mom came up for the big deal to me.......but then on friday i got home from work to flowers at the door with a note from him saying that he's had an amazing 6 months and that he would be picking me up for dinner at 7..... :-) I had no clue lol....he sneakily talked with brooke and tricia to figure out all the timing and everything. It was soooooooo sweet....and the place we went (Capers) was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. And then he took me out for ice cream at frosty treats (LOVE) and then we rented a few movies and vegged out cuddling. :-) The past 6 months have been amazing. Unbelievable. There have been bumps...i won't deny that. But at each one, we've tackled the issue face first and so far, we've always come out stronger and more together than before. I'm so thankful and grateful that he didn't go to North Carolina this happy I got to spend this time growing and being with him. It's been nothing short of amazing. We've managed to not just exist in a relationship, but to teach each other and learn from each other.....emotionally, literally, sexually, and humor-wise. We can roll around in bed for hours and then debate our sides on issues like education for 3 hours.....weird...but I wouldn't have it any other way. I find it refreshing to be able to discuss anything with him...especially when it's 'adult' stuff like education and to have to pick a side and defend myself intelligently.......instead of just discussing who's dating who or what we're doing this weekend.
Eric's also been amazing this summer due to everything that's been going on back home. He's been my rock. He's held me when i cried, made me laugh when i needed to, even put me in pajamas and tucked me into bed when i got wasted for the first time since everything happened and completely broke down (due to the lowered inhibitions that drunk gave me....i hadn't cried before that). There are alot of ifs coming up in the next year concerning us....and i'm nervous, but i think it will all turn out for the best.

As for the 'everything that's happened' dad is dying...on his deathbed with a projected week to live. It's hit me in interesting ways. Especially since the past 10 or so years, i've spent actively hating him. But death changes things a little. I'm not saying i've completely forgiven him. Far from it. But i'm at ease with the situation. I've talked to him and we both understand each other and have come to terms with everything. It's not perfect, but life hardly ever is.

Alright.....this is shorter than it should be...MUCH shorter...but lately i just haven't felt the need to write out my life....i almost feel like seconds spent rehashing it on a keyboard are seconds i could be kissing or hugging or cooking or biking or walking the dog or laughing....always i don't write as often. Makes sense if you think about it. At least to me. <3
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