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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 7-23-2007 at 9:54pm
Ugh...i'm so boreddddddddddddddd. I got back today and noone was home so i cleaned and showered and took a it's night and everyone's other than the 3 hours of company i had with brooke and eric, i've been ridiculously bored all day....god what a shitty end to an even shittier weekend. :-(

I hate that i went home this was completely pointless. The last time i was home, i said goodbye to my dad, figuring it was the last time i would see him alive. Went to see him on sunday......and hated every second of it. He was all drugged up because he kicked a nurse last week, so for the little while that he realized i was even THERE, he could barely open his eyes or talk to me. So much for a good ending, a good goodbye...when i left this time, he couldn't open his eyes or even talk....i don't even know if he knows we left. I'm just pissed. I wish i never would have gone home. Seeing my mom was good.....but the rest just sucked. And on top of that kelly was supposed to call me after she got off work and she never did, so i didn't even get to see her.

And now sitting here awake while the rest of my house is sleeping is just aggravating the hell out of me. :-( And my sunglasses broke.


There's so much i still want to do this summer. Kayak along the lakefront, snorkel in the caves under presque, camp out at little presque, have sex in a waterfall......and noone seems to want to do anything anymore....everyone's tired...well except for that last want...hahaha.

I know i'm just overreacting because i'm so bored.....but i can't help it....i wanted to play today and noone else wanted to. :-(

I don't know...i'm hoping tomorrow me and tricia can go to the beach and have a reading day....and then tomorrow night i'm taking eric out for his birthday....hahahaha...i so sneakily wrapped his present. :-) He said he always guesses his presents, but his is a gift certificate to the golf course (he loves golfing, but he never has the money to go).....i put the certificate in a blank dvd box, which i then put in i hardcover book-sized box stuffed with tissue paper. He'll never guess! well i hope. and i made him a sweetass card. :-)

Other's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot up here. My thermometer right now at 1000 says 77 degrees. YUCK.

I think i'm gonna go wander the house for a few minutes....see if maybe by some offchance someone's awake....night night.
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