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sweatingblood (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2007 at 12:22am
Current mood: nauseated
Music: Psychostick - Fake My Own Death and Go Platinum
Well I went to court and had possibly the most leniant judge ever to cross my path. Typically, I get the mid-high bracket of sentencing and considering witnesses stated I staggered out of my vehicle, obviously drunk (which could've led to wreckless driving) I was atleast expecting a hefty fine. But no. Asks my plea. No Contest. Ok, hundred bucks. *slam*

My brother's coming into town tomorrow so even though I haven't worked at all this week, I'll probably tell my boss I'm not working tomorrow either. Ever since I moved out here I've been getting more and more enraged and self destructive. I've had some pretty bad mental situations in my life and this one is definitely towards the top. If anyone can pull me out of this shit, atleast for a day, it's my bro.
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01-08-08 6:22am

hey mr. lame.

Update because I miss you.

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