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sike-a-delic_grasshopper (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2007 at 1:30pm
Music: Nobody's Loss- Widespread Panic
So. Not much is new here. Still looking for yet another job. Well I sort of have one, but it is TOTALLY LAME (selling knives, I shit you not). But I am hoping to find another one so I can quit it before I have to subject myself to 3 days of unpaid training. In business casual attire. Gah, I can't wait till I have enough to get that stupid car fixed so I can get out of here. I am so incredibley bored. And yeah I know you're only bored if you're boring but I am getting a seriously bad case of cabin fever. I'm actually sort of somewhat jealous of all y'alls going back to school, as fucked up as that is. But pretty soon you all will be jealous of me. Probably. I mean as much as you can be jealous of someone who sleeps in a tent most of the time and works on farms for free. But that's not the point. I'm actually not sure what the point is, but anyway.....

So are there any menfolk out there who would like to visit Kyle with me? Cause apparently I can't go by myself. Pretty please? Anyway let me know.

[edit 8:06]
FUCK! The Hidden Hand broke up. They were only one of the best bands ever. I will say it again. FUCK!
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08-22-07 5:33pm

I almost got a job selling knives too!! I almost took it because I was desperate but they were all shadey about it so I decided no (cutco, right?)

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08-22-07 7:13pm

I am jealous of your future freedoms.


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