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sike-a-delic_grasshopper (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2007 at 6:15pm
So I just applied to go live on a bus and plant trees and teach kids about loving the earth. It's going down next spring. Here's the site:

I am crossing my fingers really really hard.

You know, if my stupid job is gonna make me stay up all night, they need to actually provide work so I can get paid. I'm sure as hell not doing this for my health. Cause that's starting to go down the tubes on account of I can't hang with these hours very well.
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09-03-07 11:01pm

Oh man, I am totally checking it out. I don't know if I am hippie enough.

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09-04-07 5:41pm

so.. if you are free sometime you should come over and hang out at my apartment. Oh, and wheatland is this weekend, you goin?
See you soon maybe hopefully

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Re:, 09-05-07 3:55pm

That could be some sweetawesome fun. I am again not going to wheatland because I am again poor. Bleah. But if you're going I hope you have lots of fun. Say hi to the hippies for me.

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Re: Re:, 09-06-07 7:45pm

I got a sweet deal and get into Wheatland free because I work for a food vender - the happy farmer. yay!
I might start working on an organic farm too!! I am going on monday to see if I like the work or not.

so some weekend when you are bored and free give me a call and we can hangout. but not this weekend because its wheatland yay!

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09-04-07 10:54pm

oh man, that would rawk so hard : )

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