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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2007 at 11:58pm
Current mood: Laughing
Music: Rip in the Blindfold
Subject: Some People
Its been a few days since I last updated and Im sorry for that, I been a little busy working my ass off. 7 shifts last week, 8 shifts this week, pfft wheres my full time promotion at, as if that would ever happen. A lot of things have been going on since the last update. so this one might be on the long side, first and foremost lets get this rant outta the way.

someone in my company thinks its funny to spread rumors around about me. are you searious dude? come on, do you not know who I am? I could care the fuck less what anyone says about me, but I don't need the high school drama. this is the grown up world my friend, if you got beef then at least have the balls to come tell me to my face so I can drop you like a 3 year old who just fell off his bike. I guess "this person" claims that I have no friends? thats quite amusing considering that everyone in my company has my back opposed to your newbie ass thats been here what? maybe 4 months? come on dude, grow up you douche

so what else has been going on in kunta's life these days. hmm, how about the girl that I'm sorta seeing is kinda getting attached way to fast I think. I don't know if I'm leading her on or maybe its just the Kunta charm. We talk on the phone like everyday, 3 times a day, for hours upon hours. I hope she does realize that I don't want a relationship for a very long time and that we are just friends, even though she does want my body pretty badly. I'm pretty sure that I have made it clear enough about the relationship thing but maybe I will have to go over it again with her, hah.

In other news, Mikey and Big Bob have finally got off their asses and made the uber Freak Show Fantasy League. To say the least my team is horrible due to the fact that I was on a call during the draft. I think my number one player is Larry Fitzgerald and with my luck he will blow out his knee during the first game. Also Greensburg won the Big Bar Adventure 4 and will be held at the Great Escape. Bob fricken called me everyday this week to make sure I would attend. I will be there of course with my awesome black shirt with pink lettering that says Bobcam VIP, but I will be sipping on some water since I will have to be at work at midnight, oh joy. Maybe I'll call off or switch so I can drink, afterall, I do have the overtime to make up for it.

Well thats all I guess for this session of rants and updates kiddies, tune in next time, never know what will be ranted next!
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09-04-07 12:21am

ehh it was alright.. could have said more about de-HN but it was ok. i'll tell you what was sweet. that phone call you got last night. hahaha. shnoochie boochies.

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