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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2007 at 2:04pm
Well, today is the forst day of classes, I dont hve anything until tomarrow, yet my roomies puppy felt the need to wake me up at 7:42 this morning. Yay. I love that michelle and Jason put up the same pics from thwe bachelor party, but their comments were differnt and sometimes hilarious.

Rob has his chance with me and I am sad that he couldnt see what was there, but I guess I have learned from this and need to move on. He really just never moved out of the Prague mindset we established, and I felt like things couldnt stay the same when we got back and were living here.

Prague was amazing in every sense. It saved me in every way a person could be saved and I really think that maybe I was idealizing the people then it was actually the experience that was so meaningful. I found love there, but it was mostly that i learned to love myself again. I had lost the parts of me that were alive and fun and found them half way around the world. Now i need to keep a closer eye on myself and not get lost again.

I need to:

1. get school stuff situated for tomarrow.
2. talk to Rob.
3. get my schedule from Kohl's.
4. do laundry.
5. write...something...anything.

Since I have been back I have not been writing enough. It keeps me sane and that could be part of why I wasn't sane last all.

Michelle and Jason I am glad I got to see you guys and I will let you know if I can come visit.
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09-04-07 2:55pm

I'm sorry Rob didn't work out. I was really excited for you but I'm glad you didn't get messed up with someone who won't be straight with you.

It was lots of fun hearing about Prague...and very interesting too. ;)

Jason was very happy you came too. After you left that night, Jason said to me, "I'm really glad Alicia came." See? Happy!

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09-05-07 12:57pm

Evidently, I don't need to speak for myself anymore, because Michelle has that covered. :-)

It was nice having you around and we're glad you made it up/down/whatever direction you were traveling.

Take care with the beginning of your semester.

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Re:, 09-05-07 5:17pm

She traveled down
then up
then down again.

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