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ratherbridin (profile) wrote,
on 9-12-2007 at 11:45am
Current mood: mellow
Music: Nothing...
Subject: falling is easy
I'm off of work all this week as to rid myself of mono for the 3rd, possibly 4th time. My doctor, unlike me, is not convinced that there has to be an underlying cause to my getting mono so many times. A normal human body will build up an immunity to the Ebstien Barr Virus the FIRST time they get it...and so...they never get it ever ever again, not in the time of their entire existense...then, there is me...I cannot get rid of the damn virus which to me says, there must be something going on with my body that it can't fight off this virus. Right? Yeah, I Think so.

As far as other things go. I'm super happy with the way things are right now. Things with Sam are just peachy, I really like him a lot. Of course, he is I have NO idea what he thinks of me...but I think he likes me. Just judging from a few things...but who knows.

A guy who I had some interest in before this whole Sam thing has been trying to get a hold of me...and is all pissy becuase I haven't been around to take his calls. Yeah, sorry missed your chance with I have a way better looking guy who's got tons in common with me. Hm, your loss...obviously was my gain!

I've been kind of lacking on my friends lately though...Mary Lou has wanted me to come out a few times with her in the past few weeks, and I just haven't really felt up to it. I Feel bad, but at the same time, I shouldn't be staying out late exerting myself (going out dancing)...
As far as you go my dear...your busier than I don't worry too much about where things are with you...I know that if you need me you will come find me, and I will be there for ya when you do. :)

Alas, I should go get cleaned up. I'm feeling like hot chocolate...and Tow's is only a little ways away. :)
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