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sweetyas (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2007 at 4:53pm
Music: Kevin Devine i'm supposed to be writing two papers and studying for a test...and what am i doing???

Take a wild guess!!

I am not motivated this semester to do well at ALL!! I DON'T CARE!! i have to take a bunch of bs core classes that i really don't care about...i just want the world to work!! :P

so random question ( i've been wondering the answer lately and i haven't come up with anything):

why do you wake up in the morning?? what gets you out of bed? why?
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10-05-07 11:00pm

Yasamin- I feel your pain. I find myself not caring about any of my classes. Mine, however, are all major classes. Not good. I've been getting lower grades than usual (meaning, in Patrice-speak, a B-) and I really just don't care. I think we're all just burned out, especially from doing summer school and working nonstop and never really letting ourselves take a break, you know? Atleast for me, there's just so much to do I can't care about one single thing beyond just getting it done on time.....And it's baaaadd...

As for your question...that's hard. I wake up to get to school on time. But I guess that's not a great reason. I don't know. Because I hope that something good will happen? To see people I care about?

I also wake up because I know I'll see Yasamin soon and I miss her????? Yes. :-)

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