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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2007 at 1:52am
Music: Seether- Driven Under
I wish you could for once just do what you will say. You say your calling to see that im okay after i call you a day earlier and then you talk for 5 minutes and cut me off because your at work. You promise to call me back and yet somehow no call.
Things like that remind me of the problem, not the solution. This is getting ridiculous. It doesn't upset me that you dont like me in that way as much as it does that you dont seem to really care at all. When im constantly the one calling you and trying to do stuff and your always too busy and then i see you talking to other guys and seeing that you have time to hang out with them im sorry, but its both annoying and bullshit.
For the first time in a very long time i actually deleted a number from my phone.
What does it say when i only look forward to three things in life.
1) The bottle
2) South Carolina football
3) writing papers

People are so full of shit and themselves, im not stupid.
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