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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2007 at 12:16am
Talk about lazy....i've spent all day lying around doing nothing. But it just hasn't been a very good day, so i think i deserve the laziness. I think i bombed two tests/quizzes today, noone showed up for a meeting we were supposed to have, i couldn't sleep last night so i was Exhausted the whole morning, i'm getting a sinus infection, my computer wasn't working earlier, and i keep forgetting random little things. :-(

BUT! Other than ALL THAT, my day hasn't been so i said, i've been lying around all evening....eric brought me dinner, wouldn't even let me get up off teh couch cuz he knew i was feelin crummy and we've been reading and studying and having thumb wars and watching movies and doing crosswords. And i'm not tired at all anymore. It's been a great night. :-)

Life is still pretty damn good. I've sort of got my money straightened out, I may actually graduate in 4 years, and life is just good.

Super-excited because me and eric have picked out our vacation....5 days and 4 nights in Puerto Vallarta at an all-inclusive hotel with parasailing, maybe skydiving, snorkeling, a sunset dinner cruise, zip-line tours and waterfall repeling, and TONS of fuN for christmas break!!!! <3

I know this is way in the opposite direction, but i figure it's of mention if only for my personal psyche....we were watching saw 3 and when jigsaw is in the hospital bed with the brain swelling, it really reminded me of my weak and fragile he looked just lying there. :-( Definitely struck a chord....i didn't start crying or anything, but there was definitely emotion....just kind of weird. :-/

School's going chem classes are going really well, but French is DEFINITELY more difficult this semester. I just hope i do ok in all of them. I found a graduate school i absolutely LOVE (Colorado State), but i need a minimum 3.2 GPA to apply (unless of course i manage to do outstanding on my GRE). SOOOOOOOoooooooooooo we'll see.

I feel like a LOT of my life is hanging in the balance right now. Kinda feels like everything is going really good and it could all jsut crash down around me at any second. But i guess i have to enjoy what i've got while i've got it.

Well this entry isn't at least as giddy as the last few have been. More realistic. Conscious of all the stuff going on around me and how it could change everything in the next year or two. I already know for sure that next year is gonna be DRASTICALLY different. I just don't know how. there are so many variables. I guess its just a waiting game, which i hate because i'm impatient, but at the same time, i want to stop time in its tracks and just live in these moments forever.

I've been asking myself lately why i got so lucky here. Why everything is just GOOD with me. And i can't come up with a good SOLID answer. The closest thing i can come up with is that after all the shit i went through as a kid, i deserve this goodness now. Deserve a little bit of heaven on earth, because that's truly what i've been given here. The UP is just perfect.

Is it wrong to purposely ignore the next semester because of what it may bring?? the summer? Wrong to sit back and kind of edge around about individual plans and ideas but not bring each others into any of it??? and i'm not just talking about and tricia and me and brooke have been doing the same thing. It's like we all know it's coming and none of us want to admit to it and accept it just yet. We're happy to just live in this moment....these last few months of absolute bliss before it changes again.

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